Over forty years experience in virtually all types of photography, film and digital, Still and cine, have allowed me to develop my technique, my eye and my style. Of the hundreds of thousands of photos I've taken nearly all were work for hire, which explains the paucity of the studio samples on this website. More examples of my work can be seen by going to www.loc.gov and typing James Eastwood in the search field.

Need a photographer? One of my strongest photographic skills is location lighting. I have excellent people skills and speak passable French and Spanish. Additional samples of my work, as well as a resume are available upon request. I'm not seeking a salaried position or steady day job, rather an occasional assignment. I function well under pressure and deliver quality results. No weddings or events please.

Like what you've seen? Prints, matted and framed, of these and other images are for sale. Special consideration given to Designers. Digital downloads can also be made available. Questions/Comments? Feel free to Contact me.
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